• Eggs (Avga)

    2 eggs served with Neo Potatoes and toast


    Neo Potatoes & Eggs

    the classic breakfast $7.00

    Sausage & Eggs

    2 links of our flavorful apple-cinnamon sausage $9.25

    Applewood Bacon & Eggs

    3 strips of our tasty applewood bacon $9.25

    Greek Sausage & Eggs

    Our Greek sausage (loukaniko) is made with an orange zest pork $9.50

    Steak and Eggs

    4 oz. Meyer's Angus beed. $14.50

    Lamb Chops & Eggs

    two succulent lamb chops, Greek cut and grilled to perfection. $15.50


  • Omelets

    Served with Neo Potatoes and toast


    Traditional Greek (Kayana) Omelet

    fresh tomato and imported Feta, topped with marinara $9.50

    Feta & Spinach Omelet

    sauteed spinach and imported Feta $9.50

    Classic Ham & Cheese Omelet

    hearty ham and cheddar cheese $9.50

    Garden Fresh Veggie Omelet

    assorted sauteed veggies, olives, garlic and Kaseri cheese $9.75

    Applewood Bacon & Fresh Peppers Omelet

    applewood bacon, fresh peppers and cheddar cheese $10.00

    Turkey Omelet

    our freshly baked turkey, tomatoes and cheddar cheese $10.25

    Pure Protein Omelet

    egg whites, grilled chicken, spinach and Feta $11.50

    Spicy Chicken Omelet

    spicy Geta mixed with chicken, tomato, cucumber and onion $10.75

    Mushroom Omelet

    sauteed mushrooms, garlic, onions and cheddar cheese $9.75

    Salmon Omelet

    sauteed capers, onions, peppers, tomatoes and garlic, along with our imported Feta (no modifications) $13.50


  • House Specials

    The Carriage Shop

    Our dad started many days with this dish. 2 eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, imported feta & Greek coffee $8.50

    Greek Scrambler

    this scrambler with Greek soul has loukaniko (Greek sausage), spinach, tomatoes, red onion, potatoes and Kefalograviera. $11.00

    Horta and Eggs

    2 eggs, horta (wild dandelions), feta, and toast $8.50

    Breakfast Combo

    2 eggs, 2 pancakes or french toast, 2 bacon or maple sausage $9.50

    Kafe Neo French Toast Sandwich

    2 eggs, applewood bacon, & cheddar cheese served between 2 slices of Texas bread $10.00

  • Breakfast Burritos

    Wrapped in flour tortilla, served with our homemade pico de gallo


    Veggie Breakfast Burrito

    eggs, fresh assorted veggies, Neo potatoes and Mozzarella cheese $8.00

    The Classic Breakfast Burrito

    eggs, tasty applewood bacon, maple sausage, Neo potatoes and Cheddar cheese fill this local favorite $8.50

    The Greek Breakfast Burrito

    eggs, Greek sausage (loukaniko), spinach, Neo potatoes and imported Feta $9.00

  • Egg Sandwiches

    Pete's Special

    Fried egg, applewood bacon, tomato and cheddar on wheat toast. $6.50 (Pete thinks its cool to add avocado +$1.75)

    Croissant Sandwich

    freshly baked turkey breast, scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato, topped with mozzarella on a buttered crossant $9.00

  • Griddle

    Served with fresh fruit and powdered sugar


    Classic Pancakes

    homemade batter with an orange zest $8.00

    Classic French Toast

    made with texas sliced bread $8.00

    Strawberry Almond Pancakes

    our homemade batter with fresh stawberries and sliced natural almonds $9.00

    Granola Pancakes

    our homemade batter filled with real granola $9.00

    Almond Crusted French Toast

    fluffy croissant baked with sliced natural almonds and topped with powdered sugar $9.50

    Chocolate Chip Pancakes

    pancakes stuffed with chocolate chips. Topped with Ghiradelli chocolate and whipped cream $9.00

  • Yogurt, Granola & Fruit

    Served all day and great for dessert

    Classic Greek Yogurt

    topped with sliced almonds and imported Greek honey $6.50 (V)

    Granola & Fruit Yogurt Bowl

    topped with granola, assorted fruit and imported Greek honey $8.25 (V)

    Fruit Plate

    large plate of assorted fruit & Greek Yogurt $8.25 (V)


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